The JB Home Team

Becky Crain

PARTNER - Logistics


Jenny Bagioli


As the wife of a former professional athlete, no one understands the chaos that comes with relocation and attempting to make a new house feel like YOUR home than my Husband and I. 


Thus, the birth of JB Home Design & Concierge Services!  We transform your house into a home.


JB Home is a concierge service specializing in making your important life transitions seamless.  Whether you are a professional athlete, business executive, or a family in the midst of a relocation, we can assist you every step of the way, from coordinating your move, home design - renovation - organization, to long-term property management. 


Moving, job transitions, and home renovations are some of the most stressful life changes one can go through.  Let JB Home shoulder the burden of these transitions with all of the care and attention you’d receive from a close friend.  


Allow us to be your trusted one-stop-shop to cater to your high demand lifestyle.


As a mother of three, Jenny recognizes that design must be livable, functional and sustainable for the entire family.  With this in mind she creates spaces that combine real life comfort with timeless aesthetic appeal. 


For more than ten years, Jenny has had the privilege of funneling her artistic abilities, strong sense of spatial recognition and problem-solving skills into her life-long passion –creating beautiful spaces for others that transforms houses into homes.


Collaboration is paramount to the success of any design.  Jenny walks alongside each client in order to fully execute their vision. Your home should not only be a reflection of your lifestyle, it should be a space you love and feel at home in.  


Whether it’s working from the conceptual design phase, assisting architects and contractors, or merely adding that special polish to your present living environment - there is no job too big or too small!   Jenny is skillset is varied and expansive.  Offering everything from sourcing, room layouts, furnishings, color schemes, finishes & fixtures, and home décor for full remodels and single room makeovers all the way to a new construction build.  


Jenny has a gift for walking into a space and seeing it exactly as it should be. 


Growing up in Arizona and California she has a relaxed yet get-things-done nature.  Her goal is to create creating spaces that are stylish, functional, and unique no matter the budget. She’s an expert at sourcing and thrives on the challenge of getting the best deals for her clients.  She treats your budget as if it was her own to ensure you get the most value possible with every single purchase. 


Jenny has an authentic appreciation for all design aesthetics with a focus on transitional, contemporary, modern, coastal, and eclectic.  It is in her ability to transition within the design styles that allows her to create spaces for her clients that suit their lifestyle and vision. There is never a forced one-dimensional design.   Variety is the spice of life and Jenny loves creating spaces tailored to you and not the masses.